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Port of Mytilene

There are daily routes between Piraeus and Mytilini, lasting approximately 12 hours. There are also connections to Aghios Efstratios, Chios, Limnos, the Dodecanese, Thessalonica, Kavala and the Turkish coast across the straits. These routes are conducted once or twice a week, and they are more frequent in the summer.


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Hellenic Seaways

Telephone (+30) 2251040827
Region Mytilini
Address Kountouriotou Pavlou 75, Mytilini
“Odysseus Elytis” State Airport of Mytilini

The “Odysseus Elytis” State Airport of Mytilini is located 8 km from the city of Mytilini in the Kratigou district. In 2020 all modernization projects were completed and a new modern terminal was open to the public. The new installations now feature modern retail shops and food venues for a comfortable travel experience.

Telephone (+30) 2251038700
Region Mytilini
Intercity Buses of Mytilini

The intercity buses conduct routes to villages and towns lying beyond the environs of the city of Mytilini.

Telephone (+30) 22510 28873
Region Mytilini
Address Ilia Iliou 5, 811 00, Mytilini
Astiko KTEL AE (Urban Buses) of Mytilini SA

Urban and intercity transportation Bus routes are available within the city of Mytilini and the surrounding villages to/from the bus terminal on Sappho Square (Plateia Sapphous). Winter season routes differ from summer routes, as the latter are more frequent.

Telephone (+30) 2251 046436, (+30) 697 8814001
Region Mytilini
Address Plateia Sapphous, 811 00, Mytilini