Lesvos has a long tradition in dairy production. Their special taste and quality have made these products very recognizable internationally. By applying their traditions, knowledge and skill, handed down from one generation to the next, the local dairy farmers and the cheese-makers manage to produce cheeses of excellent quality. Out of twenty protected designation of origin (PDO) chesses in Greece, three come from Lesvos: Mytilini ladotyri with its spicy aftertaste, produced from sheep’s milk, matured for three months, cured with salt and let rest in barrel topped with olive oil in storage spaces under strict temperature conditions. The second such PDO cheese is the kasseri cheese made of sheep and goat’s milk known for its smooth and hearty taste. Last is the PDO Lesvian feta cheese with its savory, lightly sour and pleasant taste, stored in metal or wooden containers (the so-called “voutes”) in brine and let to mature for two months. Feta from Mytilini is made of a special combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk which lends its characteristic sharpness and firmness.