Ouzo has by now been almost identified with the island of Lesvos, as there is a 200-year old tradition in ouzo distillation. Despite the multitude of alcoholic beverages in many parts of Greece, ouzo has followed its own trajectory, becoming the trademark of the Greek people.

Ouzo is produced with ethyl alcohol, enriched with the processing of aromatic substances, such as anise, mastic and various herbs, giving to the distilled product its fragrant and delicate taste.

Bottled ouzo is produced in many places in Greece. However, the ouzo produced in Lesvos stands out in both quantity and quality, as there seventeen ouzo makers in Lesvos covering at least 50% of the total Greek output. Three of the five top brand names in Greek ouzo, both domestically and abroad, are ouzo brands produced on Lesvos: Plomari Ouzo by Isidoros Arvanitis, Ouzo MINI Mytilinis and Ouzo by Varvagiannis.