Wines from Lesvos have been very popular since antiquity. The wines from Mithymna were considered to be the nectar enjoyed by the Olympian Gods, while a special place was reserved for the famous wines from Kalloni, such as the Pyrraios Oinos as well as the Muscat red wine of Lesvos. Boats came and loaded great quantities of wine in sealed 8-liter jugs. Each jug cost one golden Turkish lira each. They were transported to Constinople by boat setting off from Kalo Limani (Camur Liman). The island also produces dark sweet wine from grapes cultivated on the lava beds, the same lava that created the Petrified Forest of Lesvos. Despite the low number of wine makers in Lesvos in comparison with the island’s size, the contemporary wines of Lesvos are bound to win over wine aficionados for their quality, their variety and their unique character.