The Hot Springs at Gera Bay


Eight km to the west of the city of Mytilini, on the Mytilini-Kalloni Road, there is the Therma Hot Spring of Kalloni Bay or the so-called “Korfos Baths”. These baths were constructed in Ottoman times following an oriental architectural aesthetic, maintaining an interior designed many years ago. The springs are not as metallic in content or hot, reaching 40° C. The springs feature low content in radon which seeps through the marble layers. There are two common vaulted bathing compartments, one for men and one for women, where water gushes out from the marbles fountain heads, giving bathers a natural hydromassage. Both bathing compartments have their own changing rooms and showers. The locations of these baths are among the most optimal and unique in Lesvos on account of the sprawling olive tree hills, its lushly green yard combined with an unhindered vista over Gera Bay. This spring is recommended for all kinds of female genitourinary diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis, intestinal diseases, diabetes, neural diseases and renal stones and sand. The thermal water spa offers a restaurant, refreshment cafeteria, and sporting installations for tennis and mini soccer.



Address: 7th km Mytilini-Kalloni Road

Tel: (+30) 22510 41503, (+30) 22513 06847

Website: https://thermaspalesvos.com/

Region Gera

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