The Kalloni Bay Wetland – Aristotle’s Lagoon


The Kalloni Bay Wetland is one of the important locations in the ecological system of Lesvos. It is located in the southwestern part of the island, 40 km from Mytilini. It is also well-known as “Aristotle’s Lagoon” and this is due to the presence of the great philosopher there, as he spent time studying the area and the marine life that surrounds it, recording his observations in his work “On animal stories”. His work provided important clues for the understanding of nature and the marine ecosystems of his time, highlighting at the same time the importance of the area.

The Kalloni Bay Wetland is the gathering place for many endangered and rare aquatic birds periodically nesting or migrating. In recent years bird watching in this particular wetland is a favorite pastime for many visitors, scientists and naturalists. The birds may be observed closely from many observatory posts installed perimetrically around the gulf including pink-feathered flamingoes, black storks, pied avocets, black-winged stilts, ruddy shelducks, white storks and many others. This specific area presents a special interest since it is inundated with pines, olive trees, and reed beds. A wide range of rare species of orchids and autophytic plants, along the salt evaporation ponds offers ample alimentation and natural refuge to all living organisms, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity, and to the economic and aesthetic value of Lesvos in addition to its ecological significance.

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