The Kalloni School


The Kalloni School was built right across from the Kalloni-Petra intersection. It is the work of architect Asimakis Fouskas, a native of Mytilini. With the passage of time, this building is now a registered landmark traditional building of the town of Kalloni and a site for visitors to admire its grandeur, high architectural style and profound eclectic elements. The school is “Π”-shaped with a projected entrance and main gateway lined with columns and pillars topped with Ionic-order capitals, while its courtyard is meticulously landscaped and covered with trees and shrubs. It has eight classrooms, an office, a major museum exhibit room and an expansive basement area divided in compartments. School construction started in 1923 and was completed in 1929 aided by expatriate Kalloni villages living in the United States and a donation by the Holy Monastery of Leimon.

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