Αρχική 5 Accommodation

Lesvos features a wide range in choices for accommodation in Mytilini and in many other outlying areas on the island. There is a great number of luxury accommodations, mansions and private villas, rooms to let, guesthouses, furnished apartments and studios, of varying types, prices and amenities to suit any customer, even the most demanding and to offer a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Indicatively, there are many places to stay in the center of Mytilini, the airport vicinity, Molyvos, Petra, Eresos, Plomari, Singri and many other places. You will find accommodation suitable for families, young couples and lone travelers seeking to discover the beauties of the island, its sandy beaches, its local cuisine and its hospitable locals. There are numerous rooms with views to the sea or the mountains, in much-frequented places or calm, serene settings, in the middle of olive tree orchards or pine forests, next to virgin beaches with crystal-clear waters, or places that abound with beach bars, clubs and fun until the morning hours. There are also services and activities on offer for visitors to provide pleasurable hotel experience. For those who seek adventure or cost-saving solutions there are camping sites with all amenities in Molyvos but also free camping spots around Skala Eresou where many campers gather especially in August.


Hotelier Association of Lesvos


Tel: (+30) 22510 41787

Website: https://lesvoshoteliers.gr/el/


Federation of Rented Room and Apartment Owners of Lesvos 


Tel: (+30) 22510 43375, (+30) 22510 45145

Mobile: (+30) 6944767616