Αρχική 5 Restaurants

When it comes to entertainment and food, Lesvos is proud to present its immense variety capable to satisfy any taste. Mytilini is a lively city with intense nightlife and many kinds of entertainment; small cozy bars with Greek or international music, nightclubs with live music promising unforgettable nights. Many daytime bars convert to modern night clubs later in the evening, places frequented by the hundreds of the island’s university students and by all those who want to enjoy a drink, dancing and listening to loud rhythmic music. The ouzo and wine tavernas tucked away in the narrow and winding streets of Mytilini, especially in the Ladadika district offer an abundance in quality wines and ouzo, delicious dishes, hotspots for endless and joyful company with your friends. The visitor is invited to discover and explore more places in all locales of the islands. Skala Eresou with its numerous small bars along the golden beaches are flooded with Greek and international tourists, while Molyvos features many beach bars with an exquisite sunset view and its open horizons, the perfect place to meet people and have a good time.


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