Lesvos has a great number of significant wetlands, the Kalloni Bay featuring the most extensive coastline wetlands. The coastal areas along theKalloni Bay shoreline comprise a unified ecological system with salt marshes, salt evaporation ponds, estuaries of small rivers, torrents, reed beds, pine forests and olive tree groves. The wetlands take up the entire space of the marine area in the bay and a great number of inland wetlands: the salt evaporation ponds of Kalloni and Polichnitos, the torrents of Tsiknias, Vouvaris, Mylopotamos, Ennia Kamares and Potamia; the Messa Lagoon; the marshes at Skala Kallonis, Parakoila, Nyfida, etc. The Lesvian wetlands are a wildlife refuge and reproduction habitat for many rare and endangered bird species.