Lesvos is the ideal destination of anyone who wants to get acquainted with the Lesvian natural beauty through hiking and walking as part of their vacation time. Due to its unique morphology with its spectacular variety this island has an extensive hiking route network, both cyclical and straight, with easy to understand footpath signs and varying degrees of difficulty. There are routes with geological interest, such as those going through the petrified forests, routes with cultural interest passing by monasteries, chapels and archeological sites, routes with environmental enjoyment for hikers going through olive tree orchards, forests and Natura Protected Areas. Therefore, hikers may tour in pairs, in families, smaller or bigger groups, or as part of guided groups or they may do their hiking independently or as part of organized local hiking associations in order to discover mountainous and rough areas, forested slopes, mountain ranges with unlimited vistas, cool ravines, traditional settlements with cobble stone streets and old fountains, well-kept churches and ruins of all kinds of buildings and many more. Indicatively, hiking clubs headquartered in Mytilini organize hiking trips throughout the year as the “Oreias” Mountaineering-Hiking Association of Lesvos and the “Lesvos and Ecology” Association. The first club aims at systematic education and consolidation of the general principles of mountaineering and hiking for its members combined with the development of an active involvement with such activities in all its forms (rock climbing, abseiling, hiking, preservation and care of footpaths and visits to caves). The “Lesvos and Ecology” Association conducts many hiking trips and naturalist activities. Additionally, in cooperation with “Lesvos Adventures” this association organizes climbing expeditions, archery activities and flying fox over the Man’ Katsa and Mantamados waterfalls.


“Oreias” Mountaineering-Hiking Association of Lesvos


Mobile: (+30) 6974 11 86 68 (Englezopoulou Elsa – President of Association)

E-mail: oreias.gr@gmail.com


“Lesvos and Ecology” Association


E-mail:  Infoxlx@gmail.com


Hiking Routes

The hiking routes are fundamental tools in the development of cultural tourism on the island of Lesvos. These routes are beaten on a particular course with the basic purpose to visit monuments with exceptional natural beauty and profound cultural significance. Specifically, by exploring the most significant locations of the Lesvian countryside these hiking routes are designed to provide a safe hiking experience for all seasons of the year and to inform in the best possible way local and visiting hikers alike, aiming at forging a natural bond among settlements, agricultural vicinities, pasture lands, remote locations and sacred sites.

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