Αρχική 5 Civilisation 5 Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Modern and Contemporary Architecture

The form and the location of the buildings listed under modern and contemporary architectural monuments of Lesvos reflect the overall economic, social and cultural conditions prevalent in Lesvos mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Particularly, after 1923 the island changed drastically with the departure of its Muslim population and the settlement of Greek refugees. Despite the adverse effects of the 1922 Asia Minor Disaster, new districts were built, business activity thrived and industrial output increased until the 1940s. Among other buildings, characteristic examples of this era still survive with special architectural interest in almost unaltered shape through the years, such as the industrial installations built by tradespersons and wealthy landowners, the upper class mansions in both the capital city and other settlements throughout the island, including many examples of the architectural examples which show the cosmopolitan character of the island and the outside influences on Lesvos such as towers, fountains etc.