The Old City Hall for Mytilini


The Old City Hall Building on the waterfront was built in 1900 financed with the Municipality’s own resources in order to accommodate local civic services. This is an eclectic-style building with evident neoclassical features. The City Hall’s first floor is used as the meeting chamber for the city council and various other events. The Municipal Library is on the ground floor and it is the venue for various cultural events held by the municipality. This imposing building adorning the city’s waterfront was struck by the 2017 earthquake and then had to be abandoned. The building had to be repaired and was delivered to use again in 2019, accompanied by a generous donation. The Mayoral and other City Hall offices are adorned with lithographs and paintings made by Lesvian painters, donated from the collection of politician and writer Giannis Giannelis Theodosiadis.

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