Αρχική 5 Activities 5 Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

The geotopes on the island with the wide variety in rocks and geological structures are unique places for rock climbing. Places that are recommended for rock climbing include the rocks around Man’ Katsa Waterfall close to Mantamados. In order to get there one has to drive one km over an unpaved road (accessible by car or by bike) and then get on the footpath following the signs leading to Lakkos Man’ Katsa with rocks towering over 15 to 20 m high. There is another organized rock climbing site about 10 km from Plomari, in the vicinity of Panagia Kryfti. There the visitor may discover up to 26 different climbing routes.

The rock climbing lovers may contact the Lesvos Climbing and Trekking Club, stationed in Plomari with a staff of experienced and fully accredited instructors, who make it easy for the visitor to discover these magical routes on the island of Sappho.

The rock climbers should contact the instructors since they may not be available all seasons of the year.

Lesvos Climbing and Trekking Club
Telephone: (+30) 6974239779
Region Plomari
Address Plomari, 81200, Greece

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