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Meditation and Yoga

Lesvos has been a popular destination for alternative forms of sports activities since the early 1960s. The majestic Lesvian landscape and its implicit beauty make the island an ideal destination for meditation and yoga. The steadfast initiates discover a spiritual and soulful paradise in centers on this island offering complete courses in various locations on the island such as Molyvos, Eftalou, Eresos and Mytilini. For those yearning to live an alternative experience may attend short seminars taught by experienced teachers who help relieve everyday life stress and relax body and mind. Also September is the month of the International Wellness Festival on Lesvos, which is open to all locals and visitors alike, to all ages and educational levels to discover the therapeutic energy and the rich nature offered by Lesvos.

Yoga Holistic Center of Lesvos 
Telephone: (+30) 6946281319
Region Mytilini
Address Damdoudi 4, Chrysomallousa Mytilini
The Valley of Eftalou – Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten
Telephone: (+30) 2253071685
Region Mithymna
Address Eftalou, Molyvos
Molyvos Yoga 
Telephone: (+30) 6940838830
Region Mithymna
Address Pantotexneion, Molyvos
Milelja Retreat Center Yoga & Workshops – Molyvos , Milelja-Serenity
Telephone: (+30) 22530 72030, (+30) 6974971560
Region Mithymna
Milelja Inselgarten
Telephone: (+30) 22530 71180, (+49) 15129157622
Region Mithymna
Address On the road to Vafio
Eutopia Yoga & Tai Chi Center – Mytilene
Telephone: (+30) 6980906340
Region Mytilini
Address Kioutacheias 25, Mytilini

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