Αρχική 5 Gastronomy

Extra virgin olive-oil and delicious olives, top quality ouzo famous around the world, choice dairy produce, such as feta, ladotyri and kaseri, fresh and salt-cured fish, fruit, nuts and fine preserves, jams, and liqueurs. All this and a wealth of local recipes highlighting the special flavours of local ingredients from the fertile Lesvian land reflect the urbanite and Asia Minor influences and the tempestuous history of the island. Lesbian cuisine is multifaceted and exciting and an integral part of the island’s culture and course through time. Wherever you may find yourself, you’ll enjoy good food, with a wide range of local recipes to choose from, whether you prefer a taverna, a café or a patisserie. From giouzlemedes (gözleme), small fried cheese pies, and sougania (sahan), stuffed onions and Kalloni sardines to excellent sweets, such as the vasilopita (New Year’s Pie) of Agiasos, which is made throughout the year here, using hand-made phyllo pastry, mizithra cheese and spices, all traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation in Lesvos, invite you to explore an entire culinary universe in Mytilini and island villages.