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Horseback Riding

This is another alternative way to explore the island of Lesvos: horseback riding. There are horse riding clubs at various points around Lesvos such as Mytilini, Gera, Molyvos and Plomari. The visitor may enjoy this unique outdoor activity in specially designed installations and farms, along the natural routes and paths crossing the island, thus discovering the natural beauty of the island, riding through olive tree orchards and pine forests, fording rivers and climbing forgotten pathways, under the guidance and assistance of the experienced staff in all horse riding clubs. The instructor brings the trainee into contact with the appropriate horse that fits the rider. The horses return to the stables where they get the best possible car and safety.

Ippos is a small, veritable horseback riding school with head offices in the center of Molyvos, a fantastic destination for all horse and riding lovers. The horses are tame and reliable, while the activities on offer cater to both beginners and advanced riders. Ippos gives the opportunity to its riders to explore the traditional town of Molyvos and the surrounding areas and to discover the amazing landscape of the rocky mountains and the sandy beaches of Lesvos.

Telephone: (+30) 694 479 6555
Region Mithymna
“Aiolos” Horseback Riding Club of Mytilini
Telephone: (+30) 6981079665
Region Mytilini

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