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Natural Environment

Lesbos is the third largest island of Greece and known through the centuries for its rare natural beauty. The entire island is one of the areas of UNESCO Global Geoparks network. There is a wide range of landscapes characterised by versatility and juxtaposition; various contrasting elements are combined, from the enchanting 459-km-coastline to the precious wetlands at Kalloni, the grandiose Stone Forest in the west and the waterfalls hidden in the hinterland or its endless olive groves and pine woods.

Lesbos rich flora, a result of the unusual insular relief and the favourable climatic conditions is impressive for its wealth of species. Wildflowers, aromatic plants, trees and bushes compose a botanic heaven that shapes the very identity of the island.  Equally rich is the fauna of Lesbos, with a significant number of endemic species.  Mammals, serpents and fish, dragonflies, butterflies, wild bees and 320 bird species make Lesbos a top destination for birdwatching in the Mediterranean area and prove its incredible biodiversity.