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Cycling Routes

Lesvos is the ideal place for bikers throughout in all seasons of the year with numerous biking routes. The bike is the ideal means to become acquainted with the island from one end to the other, combining physical exercise, the magnificent landscape with its beautiful forests and sprawling olive tree orchards, the traditional villages and the seaside and mountain settlements.

For all visitors who love biking and are in search of adventure, there are groups specialized in cycling tourism, offering full biking route packages, accompanied by a biking guide and state-of-the-art equipment for any kind of cycling, providing lessons and seminars by fully accredited trainers and undertaking the organization of all kinds of cultural biking events and competitions. The LesvosRide group has a 15-year plus experience in the making a unique opportunity to bike lovers real and to discover the unknown trails of Lesvos with their surprisingly beautiful sites.

For cycling routes see here:

To rent bikes or participate in cycling activities, please consult:

Pandora travel
Telephone: (+30) 22520 42080, (+30) 6986729992
Region Polichnitos
Address Agora - Lisvori
Maria Bikes – Bike rentals Skala Kalloni
Telephone: (+30) 22530 28148
Region Kalloni
Address Skala Kalloni
Telephone: (+30) 6945934834, (+30) 6937083538
Region Gera
Address Perama, Mytilini

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