Αρχική 5 Well-being

A land of inspiration as well as spiritual and mental well-being since antiquity, the lush island of Lesbos is endowed with unique natural beauty that charms any visitor and enhances deep relaxation of mind and body. The incomparable beauty of the island’s landscape is combined with the fact that Lesbos has resisted the invasion of mass tourism: its authenticity is unadulterated and offers ideal conditions for relaxing holidays providing detoxification and rejuvenation.

This idyllic land ensures you can have unique well-being and alternative tourism experiences, whether you contact experienced professionals to help you plan them or design your own personal choice plan. Specialised centres organise meditation and yoga retreats and workshops and there are thermal springs, due to the rich volcanic activity in the region, known since antiquity for their healing properties.  If you seek a holiday to restore you physical and mental balance, Lesbos is the place to rejuvenate you.