The Multicenter at Polichnitos


One of the most significant buildings, a landmark of Polichnitos, is an olive oil press located at the entrance of the village with its characteristic chimney and stork nests. This olive oil press was founded in the beginning of the 20th century. This building has a rectangular floor plan, a typical example of Lesvian industrial architecture and specifically here in Polichnitos, with stone dogtooth framing (“sovelikia”) around all window openings on all sides. For many years it operated as an olive oil press until 1984 when it was acquired by the state and after support projects it was turned into a multi-purpose center, operating since 1988 under the name “Youth Cultural Center of the Municipality of Polichnitos”. Its premises are the staging ground for theatrical performances, book presentations, film shows and other events, thus serving the educational needs of the inhabitants in the wider area.



Address: Polychnitos, 813 00, Lesvos

Tel: (+30) 22510 40500

Region Polichnitos

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