The Bakery at Mesagros


The bakery at Mesagros (formerly the Marmarellis-Hadjiokonstantis Bakery) has been owned since 1985 by the Ministry of Culture and is registered as a landmark production and trade monument. This is a single-floor stone building, 65 sq.m in area, which is arrayed in two rooms: the main bakery space where sales were conducted and one split-level mezzanine, where dough kneading was carried out. The bakery had to be abandoned and was closed in the end of the 1970s. The northern wall is occupied by a mural made by the Lesvian folk artist Theophilos with a display that is split in three vertical panels unfolding from left to right depicting the history of bread. The image continues on the lower part with a decorative band divided in two parts: the first part has floral decorations and depictions of various birds, while the second part is a representation of wall tiles similar to those laid on the other bakery walls. In 1984 the building was purchased by the Ministry of Culture and right away the first rehabilitation projects started for the building structure and preservation of the murals with the sole purpose to convert this bakery into a small folklore museum. Thus, in 1990 it started to host viewers with exhibitions of various bread bakery objects and implements, such as wooden tubs, kneading troughs, dough forms, baking trays, etc.

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