Fountain at Sykamnia


The Lesvian fountains are folk art monuments which adorn the capital of Lesvos and other towns and settlements. The majority has now all dried up, but some still remain offering their invaluable fresh water. The most typical fountain on the island of Lesvos is a stone or marble four-sided structure shaped like an arched gateway, further embellished in a variety of ways. The fountain craftsman employed his mastery to design the parapet: he would carve decorative marble and trachyte designs, arches made of bricks and blocks, capitals, columns, pediments, lion heads, bronze faucets, chiseled cisterns. For example, a traditional fountain may be seen in the city of Mytilini on Zoodochou Pigis street made of marble with relief ornamentation; on Vournazon street where another fountain is also made of marble, designed with rosettes on both the arch and the architrave. Another one is located on Themidos street with evident Ottoman influences. Regarding other settlements the Ottoman fountain of Bekir Aga is located in Plomari, i.e. the Papados central square fountain, the so-called Good Fountain (“Kali Vrysi”), the fountain at the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos at Vatousa, a traditional fountain of Aghios Konstantinos at Sykamnia etc.

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