The Central Lyceums of Mytilini


This is an imposing building with obvious neoclassical features housing the Experimental Lyceum, the Second General Lyceum of Mytilini and the First Elementary School. The basement has natural science and computer labs as well as classrooms. The ground floor houses teacher offices, classrooms and the school library, while the upper floor has events hall, two classrooms and one more important library. This historic building was founded in 1839 on the initiative of the scholar Metropolitan of Mytilini Meletios Photios, aided by donations by rich Lesvian and initially housed the First Junior High of this city. Their names are inscribed, among many others Lesvian benefactors, on a plaque on the eastern wall of the events hall. The plot of land on which the building is located was part of the “Megalo Perivoli” (the Great Garden) as it was called at that time, donated by Metropolitan Anthimos Vertoumis to the hospital in 1752. The original building had two storeys. There were classrooms, the principal’s office and the library. Two staircases lead to the second floor. The inauguration of this building took place in November 1841. Ever since, this building went through a number of phases. For example, during the Asia Minor Expedition, the building served as a Hellenic Army hospital, while the basements provided accommodation and a soup kitchen to refugees.

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