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The Hiking Route Network of Lesvos

The island of Lesvos features an active Hiking Route Network implemented within the framework of the Leader+ Local Program by the Local Development Association of Lesvos (ETAL AE) in cooperation with island’s municipal authorities. This is a development plan of eighteen paths meticulously and studiously designed so that there is no human intervention causing harm to the natural environment. The network of these proposed routes covers the entire island, prompting the particular features of each region. Therefore, both the locals and the visitors may select the route of their liking and discover the hidden beauties of the island: the beautiful forests, the chestnut forests, the unique ecosystem of the petrified forest, the wetlands with their rare birdlife, the cool waters of the Bays of Kalloni and Gera, the traditional villages with their kafeneia and the hospitable villagers. The routes inducted in this program are safe throughout the year; they are equipped with the appropriate informational printed matter encapsulating the image of the culture and the natural environment of the island.

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