“Arion” International Guitar Festival at Molyvos


The “Arion” International Guitar Festival at Molyvos started as an art festival in 2012 in Molyvos, the hometown of legendary and mythical guitarist Arion, and the “Arion” guitar summer camp. This is organized by the Tourism Service of Molyvos and the artistic directorship of Korina Vouyiouka. This is a festival of worldwide renown and fame, aiming at promoting the guitar as an instrument of fine musical expression and creation, aesthetic education and a means of communication and interaction with all other musical instruments, players and disciplines in the arts. The Festival is proud of the popular participation of numerous Greek and international guitar players and graduates of the “Arion” academies. Moreover, there are activities, such as musical and dance performances on the most beautiful locales in Molyvos, seminars, lectures and music ensemble workshops where internationally acknowledged maestros teach master classes to all, young and adult “Arion” attendees alike. The courses are adjusted to all levels starting from elementary school-level children, high school students, university students and professors. Many contests also take place granting significant and generous awards.



Website: https://www.arionfestival.com/


Region Mithymna

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