Chestnut Festival at Agiasos


In the mountainous village of Agiasos, since 2004 the Chestnut festival has been held in November, a celebration and a promotional endeavor for the agricultural production of the Agiasos region and an extension of the tourist season. This is a very popular festivity with many enthusiasts from Greece and across the channel, from Turkey. There is an abundance of chestnuts for visitors to choose, roasted, boiled and supplied directly from the producers. There are many associated cultural events and activities surrounding the chestnut. Indicatively, the Festival program includes: firing the flames for mass chestnut roasting and boiling offered to all visitors along with ouzo and wine, hiking trips in the exquisite nearby chestnut forest guided by expert local hiking hobbyists, painting exhibitions and musical and dance performances organized by the local regional associations.

Region Agiasos

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