Christmas on Lesvos


Christmas in Mytilini is magnificent and heart-warming on account of its full spectrum program of Christmas events, for all, children and adults alike. For example, the Municipality of Mytilini organizes various activities such as theatrical plays, Christmas concerts and recitals, story-telling and creative workshops, etc. Kalloni is another special festive destination for this season centering on “Santa Claus’ Hut” in the Vasiliadis Park. The visitors have the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Claus, listen to traditional Greek Christmas carols sung by school choirs, buy Christmas tree ornaments, souvenirs and sweets from the Christmas Bazaar and the workshops set up by the local associations, etc. There many activities designed for children such as handcrafts, face painting, balloon animals and plenty of presents. Whereas “Santa Claus’ Hut” is in Kalloni, in Molyvos there is the “Herokamoto” Elves Village with dozens of small wooden houses, Christmas lights and other handmade ornaments made of used wood, such as shutters, tables, tires, coat hangers which are given a second chance to life by the elves and offered to decorate all village streets. There are many events for children, such as Christmas story-telling, theater plays, sweets kitchens, toy workshops and much more.

Region Mithymna, Mytilini

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