Eressos Lava Weekend


The Eressos Lava Weekend is a sporting event with mountain running and cycling races on the lava-paved paths. The main organizer here is the Development and Promotion Service of Eressos, supported and sponsored by many agencies on Lesvos and LesvosRide as its technical advisor. This sporting event includes a multitude of separate contests for all, young and adult. For example, there is Eressos Lava Kids for children under 14 as they participate in bicycle balancing acts, various games and sports. Eressos Lava Trail is for men and women who wish to participate in mountain running races and win a trophy. Eressos Lava MTB is for the mountain bike enthusiasts who want to discover and explore the unique Lesvos Geopark with its barren volcanic mountains and lava trails. After the conclusion of the games, the organization service welcomes everybody, participants, athletes, volunteers, sponsors, parents to dance and party to lively music and plenty of food on the golden beach of Skala Eresou.

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