International Music Festival at Molyvos


The International Music Festival at Molyvos was held in August 2015 for the first time and has ever since been established as one of the most significant classical music festivals in Greece. Leading artists, both young and seasoned, classical music performers and singers of international renown have made this festival an attraction for an international music-loving audience. Molyvos is now a destination for classical music enthusiasts. It is a festival of high aesthetic and cultural standards. Its combination of perfect organization, variety and openness in artistic expression render unparalleled quality to all concerts. Furthermore, during the academic year the Festival organizing team delivers educational programs to local children to bring them into contact with classical music and encourage them to trace their own course in this field.



Address: Molyvos, 81108, Lesvos

tel: (+30) 6938 624496

E-mail: office@molyvosfestival.com

Website: https://molyvosfestival.com/

Region Mithymna

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