Lesvos Euphoria International Festival


The purpose of the Lesvos Euphoria International Festival is to promote Lesvos as a place for people seeking to learn more about their physical and emotional well-being, to get to know their bodies and themselves through a variety of techniques, such as meditation, orthosomic exercise, pilates, Tai Chi, yoga, mindfulness, therapeutic arts and many other workshops. This is a four-day festival with many venues around the island focused on wellness activities. These venues may be next to the sea, inside olive tree orchards, pine forests, traditional settlements, ancient temple sites, viewing incomparable North Aegean sunsets and many other unique locations and experiences on Lesvos. This is a festival full of events appropriate for adults and children, locals and visitors instructors and specialists from all over the world in an ideal setting for exercise and spiritual uplifting. The Festival also provides creative activities and entertaining courses for children so that our little friends may develop their social intelligence, manage and express feelings and emotions, strengthen assertiveness, flexibility and acumen. This Festival is under the auspices of the Tourism Service of Molyvos.



Website: https://euphoria-lesvos.com/el/

Region Mithymna

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