The International Mountain Run on Lesvos, the so-called Lesvos Trail, started as an institution in 2016 with the support of the Local Development Association of Lesvos ETAL SA. This is a major athletic contest aiming at promoting sports and the unique Lesvian landscape with its olive tree groves, paths, the sea and the traditional towns and villages. The most famous race in this event is the 17-km Lesvos Trail which invites mountain running athletes and enthusiasts to challenge their strengths through a picturesque setting under the mountain range of Lepetymnos. There are also less cumbersome races (8 and 10 km) as well as children’s races.

These annually-held games are organized by the Tourism Service of Molyvos, while the starting points are located in the various communities perched on the Lepetymnos mountain mass. It is sponsored and supported by all these communities. LesvosRide is the technical consultant of the games.

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