Ouzo Fest


Ouzo Fest has been organized on Lesvos since 2013. This is a special annual festival to promote ouzo, its culture and its secrets. The visitors have the opportunity to try over 40 ouzo brands, talk with ouzo makers, be initiated into the secrets of ouzo and taste the Lesvian delicacies. One may also tour the various museums and the specially designed spaces in order to learn about the history and the production of ouzo, a product inextricably associated with Lesvos. This festival is complemented by live music and food-tasting in connection with ouzo drinking. This festival takes place every year in July in the framework of Lesvian Summer under the auspices of the Liquor Makers and Distillers Association of Lesvos. The Festival takes place in the cities of Mytilini and Plomari.



E-mail: info@ouzofest.gr

website: https://www.ouzofest.gr/

Region Mytilini, Plomari

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