Eresos is built on the southwesterly part of the island, between two hills named Troulos and Lembór respectively. It is located 89 km away from Mytilini. Its name is associated with Eresos, the son of mythical king Makaras, the first colonizer of Lesvos. Eresos is the birthplace of Theophrastus and Sappho, the great lyric poetess of Greek antiquity. The volcanic landscape, the traditional setting, the exceptional beach and the historic monuments make this place the ideal place for tourists to linger and explore. Tourism and livestock farming are the main sources of livelyhood for the locals. The local Agricultural Cooperative produces the famous Eresos kasseri cheese, a protected designation of origin product (POP), sold and loved throughout Greece. Many tourists swim in the Skala Eresou beach (Gialos), a Blue Flag beach.

Region Eresos - Antissa

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