Hot Springs of Kryfti at Plomari


The thermal springs of Kryfti are located in the southern part of the island, almost adjacent to the sea, featuring the gushing out of hot water from the steep limestone rocks of the ravine. The surrounding sea water is relatively warm, due to the effect of the springs. These springs are high in sodium chloride content with medicinal properties. The water’s temperature flowing on the land is approximately 45° C while the temperature of the water flowing underwater is mixed with the sea water and it reaches 30° C. This saline spring was discovered in 1864 and it is located right outside the chapel of Panagia Kryfti (getting its name from this church), just a few meters above sea level. Since this location is on steep rocks, access to the neighboring villages is only done by boat. The water from this spring is used for shampooing, in the bath next to the spring.


Region Plomari

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