Kalloni is located on a large plain in the center of the island of Lesvos, at a distance of 40 km from Mytilini. The settlement presents a relatively rich historical past and this can be seen from the existence of many archaeological sites, such as Ancient Arisvi, Pyrra, the Temple of Messos, Makara and the Storehouse. Kalloni is the second largest urban center of the island and has the appearance of a large and modern town with intense commercial traffic, as it has several shops, furniture and electrical exhibitions, cafes, etc.They are also home to public services such as the K.E.P., the D.O.Y. Kallonis, the Municipal Theater of Kallonis and a large Health Center which serves the needs of the northern, central and the entire western part of the island. The jewel of the settlement is the Kalloni Primary School with its beautiful green garden and its special architecture with its imposing entrance and Ionic style columns. Finally, Kalloni is particularly known for its famous Gulf sardines and the great habitat where many species of rare birds meet.

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