On the western side of the island, about 76 km from the capital city of Mytilini, we can visit Kambos Antissas. The beach is dipped into green vegetation, full of olive trees and vegetable gardens as far as the shoreline. Kambos Beach has clear waters and it is a favorite spot for surfing enthusiasts due to the enormous waves. This is another spot for anyone wishing to stay away from the noise and the bustle. A small pond nearby is the habitat for many tortoises. Unfortunately Kambos Beach has no tavernas or ouzo places, with the exception of the nice “Kostas’s Taverna” with tasty mezedes a further off at the entrance of the tiled water duct leading to the sea and the beautiful beach. One may access the beach by car, but it must be noted that this is an ideal place for hiking.

Region Eresos - Antissa

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