The town’s name derives from its being the largest one in this area. On account of its rich vegetation it is sometimes called “the Swiss village of Lesvos”. After the first houses, we see the Aghios Ioannis Church and the cobblestone-paved square with its tall plane and walnut trees and its traditional coffee houses. The Aghios Ioannis Church was built in 1795 with a wood-carved altarpiece in the same style as the other big church in this village, the Transfiguration of the Savior. The north part of the town is the Akklisid’ neighborhood with two chapels and an enormous plane tree. The village center features a monument commemorating the great local sage Veniamin of Lesvos, honored by annual festivities, the Veniaminia, in both Megalohori and Plomari. Finally, towards the south, beneath Panagia are the two local schools. One stills functions with very few students, while the other is renovated to house a multipurpose cultural center.

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