Panagia Kryfti


The Church of Panagia Kryfti is almost three km from Melinda and 10 km from the city center of Plomari. This chapel is tucked in a crevice of a rock, while the surrounding landscape is unique with the deep blue sea, the steep rocks and hot springs at their feet. According to a legend, the Church of Panagia Kryfti was founded by a mother who managed to save her child from her being chased down by Ottoman Turks on horseback. She finally went into hiding in a cave which she vowed as a votive offering to the Theotokos. Each year this mother’s dramatic pursuit is revived in annual festivities in which young people reenact this event by riding ornately decorated horses all the way to Melinda culminating in religious festivals lasting all through the night. The easiest way to access Panagia Kryfti is by boat. A paved road stops short of Panagia Kryfti and one has to hike on foot over a rugged path to the Church.

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