Sykamnia is built in the north part of Lesvos, 291 m above sea level and 49 km from Mytilini. Its name hails from the many mulberry trees (“skamies”) growing here in the past. This is the home town of celebrated Greek author Stratis Myrivilis, honored by his fellow citizens with writer’s statue in the central town square. The main attraction of this town is the Panagia Gorgona Church, a small chapel built on top of a rock by the Skala port. There used to be a folk-art fresco depicting Virgin Mary with a mermaid tail, but this is now long-lost. The berry tree in the middle of the town square is known as the “Myrivilis’ berry tree” since it has been known as the tree under which Stratis Myrivilis used to sit and rest. This is a traditional settlement, with cobblestone alleys, beautiful public fountains and 19th century stone-built mansions, all worth visiting.

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