The Archeological Collection of Eresos


The Archeological Collection of Eresos is housed in a stone building along with a neighboring partially open air and roomy yard. It was built in 2012 and it includes findings from the ancient city of Eresos originating from the housing and cemetery remnants dating to the Late Helladic Period up to Early Christian years. The exhibition is thematically organized in four units: (a) Private Life, including ceramics and other everyday life objects, (b) Religion-Worship, with votive reliefs, a part from a Kouros and statuettes of gods and heroes, (c) Burial Customs, presenting characteristic specimens of gravesite reliefs, offerings from two graves from the Archaic necropolis of Eresos and a clay Clazomenian-type sarcophagus and finally (d) Public Life, exhibiting inscriptions from the ancient city.



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