The Carsi Hammam of Mytilini


The Carsi Hammam is located in the Epano Skala vicinity of Mytilini and may have been built in 1826 under nazir Mustafa Aga Kulaksiz. The Carsi Hammam is of the linear layout bath house type, in which all spaces are line up one after the other along a longitudinal axis, stepping gradually from the cool area to the warm and then onto the hot room. This is a monumental, domed structure with a rectangular floor plan. The entrance is on the east side leading to the square cool area. In the center of the room there is an octagonal fountain, with dressing rooms and a wooden mezzanine for the bathers to rest. Then the rectangular warm area follows with the restroom and barber shop on its east side. Then one enters into a three-space rectangular, with a semicircular hot room mihrab-like niche across the entrance decorated with relief stalactites. On either side of the entrance smaller entrances lead to two smaller hot rooms reserved for private use. The southernmost part is occupied by a cistern and the furnace room covered by a shed roof. The bath proper is topped with semispherical scaphoid vaults with skylights. Support and rehabilitation projects started in February 2000. These works were completed in 2001 and this monument has been ever since a venue for select cultural events.


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