The Church History and Byzantine Museum of Mytilini


The Church History and Byzantine Museum of Mytilini started its operation in 1978 in a privately owned building right across the entrance of the Church of Aghios Therapon. Its creation was made possible on the initiative of Mytilini Metropolitan Iakovos Kleomvrotos, who in 1958 was given from his predecessor Metropolitan Iakovos Nikolaou a small collection of Byzantine icons and decided to organize this collection, by augmenting it with other valuable items of worship found in other Lesvos churches that would otherwise deteriorate and get lost. The Museum’s exhibits include a collection of portable icons and folk artwork from the 13th to the 20th century. There is a vast number of church articles, such as woodwork decorations, devotional items, wood-carved altar doors, bishop vestments, Gospel-books, liturgical hymnals, religious manuscripts, miniature ecclesiastical art, etc.



Address: Aghios Therapon Square, 81100, Mytilini, Lesvos

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