The Early Christian Basilica of Halinadou


The Early Christian Basilica of Halinadou is located in the homonymous area of the agricultural region of the community of Aghia Paraskevi Lesvos. There are no written historical records about its foundation date. However judging by its form, the ornamentation of the capitals and a Mauricius Tiberius coin from 587/8 AD it was dated in the second half of the 6th century. This is a three-aisled wooden-topped basilica with a narthex. The nave has an almost square shape. On the eastern part there is a semicircular apse over the altar while on the opposite side there a narthex protruding on the south side of the church. The altar’s apse was covered by a built dome with four hemispheres. The basilica is divided in three aisles, the middle one being wider than the other two by means of two rows of columns which are now restored. The column rows are fixed on an elevated stylobate. The capitals follow the Ionic order with an impost rather haphazardly put together. The narthex had three door openings into the nave. In the interior the apse formed a built synthronon and right before the altar the Holy Altar Table was set. In the course of the excavations the Holy Altar Table contained parts of an altar canopy covering the table. Furthermore, certain parts and walls of the presbyterion were found (such as little pillars, parapets, etc). This basilica was excavated in 1937 and was partially restored by Professor Anastasios Orlandos under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Education and the Community of Aghia Paraskevi.


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