The “Georgios Iakovidis” Digital Museum


The “Georgios Iakovidis” Digital Museum is located in the mountainous village of Hidira and it is the first digital museum in Greece. Its aim is to promote the life and work of renowned Greek painter Georgios Iakovidis through a multitude of electronic digital projections and interactive systems. The works on exhibit in this Museum are categorized in thematic units and come alive through the use of various image innovations, such as the focusing and analysis of elements within each painting, a digital magnifying glass, comparison with other works by the same artist or his teachers, etc. The creation of the “Georgios Iakovidis” Digital Museum is the result of the initiative of the “N.G. Papadimitriou” Educational and Cultural Foundation and the implementation efforts of the Koirania Company.



Address: Hidira, 811 03, Lesvos

Tel: (+30) 22530 51128, (+30) 22530 51195

E-mail: info@jakobides-digital-museum.gr

Website: https://jakobides-digital-museum.gr/el/index.html

Region Eresos - Antissa

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