The Hot Springs of Eftalou


The Hot Springs of Eftalou are located on the northern coast of Lesvos, 3.5 km from Mithymna and 65 km from the city of Mytilini. The waters flow out of the crevices in the lava at the level of the sea surface. Sea water comprises 30% of the spring water. There are many sources along the coast, 300 to 400 m away, almost all of them beneath sea surface. The Hot Springs of Eftalou are one of the few mixed (men and women) baths in Greece. The water temperature changes depending on the season of the year ranging between 43.6° C and 46.5° C. It has common showers and seven individual baths. This hot spring region of Lesvos is really fantastic, due to its natural beauty, the sandy beaches nearby and the wide open space to the horizon. The Hot Springs of Eftalou are recommended for treatment of chronic rheumatoid disorders, arthritis, lower back pain, pelvic pains, neural pain, lymphatic system disorders, arterial hypertension, kidney stones and sand, gynecological and skin conditions.

The public may enjoy the beneficial properties of the Eftalou thermal waters from 15 June to 15 November.



Address: Eftalou (3.5 km. from Mithymna)

Tel: (+30) 22530 71245

Region Mithymna

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