The Hot Springs of the Thermi Spa


At a distance of 14 km to the north of Mytilini we find the thermal springs of the Thermi Spa center. They have an increased content in seawater, a high content of sodium chloride; that is why it is characterized as sodium chloride-ferrous saline spring. Its water has a highest temperature of 46.9° C and radioactivity 6.8 units. There are eleven individual bathtubs. The water compounds contribute to the treatment of chronic rheumatoid disorders, arthritis, scrofula and skin conditions. Due to the hot spring, the installations and the surrounding vicinity were known in Ottoman times as Sarlitza (“sari” + “lidja”, yellow baths). The area and its surroundings are beautiful to behold, the expansive horizon opening up in front of the bath installations, the rich flora with its perfect combination of the sea and the mountain is alluring to visitors as a refuge not only to ailing persons but to any persons with spiritual, psychological or physical fatigue. The springs at present are not open to the public.



Address: 12th km. of the shoreline road Mytilini-Mantamados


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