The Nisiopi Petrified Forest Park


At Nisiopi or Megalonisi, that is, the islet at the west part of the mouth of Sigri Bay there is the Nisiopi Petrified Forest Marine Park opened by the Museum of the Natural History of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. The park’s visitors have the opportunity to tour around the islet through hiking routes and circumnavigate the islet by a special boat with a glass bottom for sea bottom observation. The plant fossils include a wide range of angiosperms and ancient forms of the sequoia tree (conifers), remnants of plants that thrived in west Lesvos millions of years ago. The excavation findings include an imposing petrified sequoia tree trunk still in its original position measuring 17.20 m in length and 1.70 m diameter around its base. There is also a lying tree trunk, a forebear of the pine tree, 12.44 m in length.



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