The Sigri Petrified Forest Park


The Sigri Park has an area of 30 sq. stremmata (7.5 acres) and it is located to the south of Sigri. Access to this forest may only be done through the area surrounding the Museum of Natural History of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. The impressive root stumps and the upright petrified angiosperm and conifer trunks with their excellently preserved features demonstrate that these trees were petrified in their original positions. Specifically, the excavations in this vicinity unearthed the root stumps of eight petrified trunks and 16 lying and standing trunks, which belong to the proto-pinaceae and pinaceae genus, ancestral forms of present-day pine trees. Additionally, petrified turf with a multitude of branches and twigs, fruit and conifer and angiosperm leaves were also discovered nearby.



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