The Stratis Eleftheriades-Tèriade Museum and Library


The Stratis Eleftheriades-Tèriade Museum and Library is located in the Vareia suburb of Mytilini. Its opening took place in August 1979. Its permanent collection is the host of the entire publishing work of artist Stratis Eleftheriades-Tèriade. The museum collection includes the works of famous artists, issues of Verve magazine, copies of the Grand Livres with works by Chagall, Picasso, Matisse and copies of medieval manuscripts. This collection makes this museum unique in the world as even the greatest museums in the world own only small parts of this publication work. Besides the permanent collection of the entirety of the edition work of Stratis Eleftheriades-Tèriade, the Museum holds visual art retrospective exhibitions, publishes editions and other similar cultural events.



Address: Vareia, 81150, Mytilini Lesvos

Tel: (+30) 22510 23372, (+30) 22510 42855

E-mail: info@museumteriade.gr

Website: http://www.museumteriade.gr/


Region Mytilini

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